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Car rental

With La Casita it is possible to book a rental car together with your accommodation, so that there is a car for you ready at arrival at the airport.


Low costs

Due to the fact many cars are booked via La Casita we have been able to bargain for low prices for our guests with many car rental companies. We have had good experiences with several rental companies , both large and small, for years. They all offer great service and are very customer friendly. All cars have air conditioning.


Rental cars for the whole of Europe

Malaga is the perfect airport for a stay in Andalucia. Alicante or Valencia are the best airports if you are staying in one of our houses in Costa Blanca. Obviously renting a car at any other airport in Spain (or anywhere else in Europe) is also possible with La Casita. Returning your rental car at a different location –within Spain -  than from where it was picked up is no problem. If you want to book a car from a different location than Malaga, please contact La Casita.


Don’t go without a car!

A car is an absolute necessity in the rural environment where our holiday homes are located. We do not recommend staying there without a car. We strongly advise against renting a car at the airport on arrival. The  rental companies know that you really need a car and will charge you much more than when you have booked in advance!



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